Workplace Coaching Experts

The Peak Performance Coaching Company

Workplace Coaching Experts

We help people in organisations, businesses, government departments – in any workplace – to put the pieces of their workplace performance into a unified whole.

We Know ….

… that workplace coaching can be challenging.  This is why we think a systematic approach based, on logical and easy to understand principles, will result in a dynamic coaching relationship.  We want to remove all obstacles and barriers keeping you on track with your coaching.  With the right guidance and resources you will see how easy it is to develop yourself and others.  You’ve come to the right place to get both – guidance and all the resources you will need!


We are

Fran & Beth

We are the dynamic duo who form FBN Creations Pty Ltd and have gathered together our best and our favourite offerings to help you support your staff to be the very best they want to be at work!

We have some free things for you to access, some small workshops, some tried and true tips and techniques to teach you to enhance your ability to lead and manage those who report to you.

We even have now put our comprehensive workplace coaching program into an online program that has over 50 resources for you to learn from.

We have been working in the workplace leadership, management and work performance space for over 21 years and are proud to bring you our skills, experience, short cuts and expertise so you can fast-track your development and growth.

What We Do

The Peak Performance Coaching Program


This online program helps Managers, Team Leaders, Supervisors, Executives, all workplace leaders helps managers who struggle with staff performance & growth to achieve increased levels of staff productivity and engagement by giving them a step-by-step blueprint and all the necessary tools they need.   It is delivered by the dynamic duo and comes with over 40 learning resources packed with knowledge, examples, and massive information to give you all you need to become an outstanding workplace coach.

Behavioural Standard Setting Workshop

              … AVAILABLE SOON …

This course provides workplace leaders (Managers, Team Leaders, Supervisors, Executives, anyone who has staff report to them) all the tools, tips, techniques and templates to create guidelines for workplace behaviour for your staff.   If you have been searching for a way to provide guidance for staff members to become responsible for their workplace behaviours – this jam-packed workshop is for you.  It is also perfect for Team Leaders who are responsible for managing the performance of your staff.

Core Communication Skills Course


We have condensed this 2-full-day workshop into an online course that provides you with a sound communication model to instantly build rapport with anyone, and to use the most valuable (and under-used) communication tool.  Learn the four-step method of bilding rapport in 15 seconds or less with your customers – internal and external – and how to discover what is at the core of the communication at hand so you can provide the best and most appropriate solution to any situation.

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